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ಆಶ್ರಿತಾ ರಾಜು

Aashritha Raju 


Aashritha is a talented photographer and art director who excels in creating visually stunning and dreamlike imagery. With a strong focus on embracing a soft and colorful feminine aesthetic, she has built a remarkable portfolio that showcases her unique vision and artistic expression.

In addition to her photography, Aashritha is an exceptional art director. She brings her vision to life by carefully curating every aspect of a shoot, from concept development to prop selection and mood creation. Her keen eye for detail and strong communication skills make her a sought-after collaborator amongst fellow artists.

Working closely with models, stylists, and makeup artists, she ensures that her vision is translated into the final product. Her collaborative approach fosters a sense of trust and creativity, leading to genuinely unique and inspiring results.

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